“The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts
but the training of the mind to think.” ( – A. Einstein)


Distinguished Professor Abdulmotaleb El Saddik research interests include Multimedia Computing and Applications, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Multimedia Security and Biometrics, Social Media, Haptics and Vehicular Area Networks.

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Professor Jiying Zhao research interests include Image and video processing, Watermarking and Multimedia communications.

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Professor Hussein Al Osman research interests include Affective Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Serious Gaming, Health Informatics, Biometrics and Software Defined Networking. He also leads the Multimedia Processing and Interaction Group.

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 Prof. Pascal Fallavollita research interests include: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Medical Education,     Computer Assisted Interventions,  Aspiration – Not Rehabilitation, tele-operation. he also leads the METRICS lab.

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 Postdoctoral Fellows

 Haiwei Dong Basim-Hafidh
Dr. Haiwei Dong research interests include haptics, robotics, human dynamics, control and multimedia application.
Dr. Basim Hafidh “باسم عبد حافظ”
Biofeedback, Tangible User Interfaces, Haptic Sensors, Actuators
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PhD Candidates

 Juan-Sebastian-Arteaga-Falconi  Fedwa-Laamarti  Longyu-Zhang  Rana-Abaalkhail
 Juan Sebastian Arteaga Falcone
Behavioral Biometrics
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 Fedwa Lamarti
Serious Games, Multimedia for social good
Longyu Zhang
Haptics, 3D Scanning and Modelling
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Rana Abalkhail
Smart Cities, Affective States
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 Hawazin#130_Web_B&W  Abdulrahman-Alshareef  Majed-Alwoaidi  Hikmat-Adhami
Hawazin Badawi
Smart Cities, E-Health
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Abdulrhman Alshareef
Cloud Computing, E-business, Ontologies,
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Majed Alowaidi
Network, Cloud Computing
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Hikmat Adhami
Sensor Network, Localization-based Services
 na_s2 na_s2  na_s2  Mohammad-Aljaafreh
Samah Aloufi
Social Networks, Social Media Analysis and Mining
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Amani Albraikan
EMG, Affective Computing
Rajwa Alharthy
Smart Cities, Affective Computing
Mohamad AlJa’afrah
Collaborative Virtual Environment
 Faisal-Arafsha  na_s2 saeed.alharthi  My-pic_canada
Faisal Arafsha
Haptic feedback, sensor network
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Fatimah Alzamzami
Social Networks
Saeed Alharthi
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Hamzah Alghamdi
Deep Learning, Computer Vision
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Master’s Students

Ying Qiu
ECG estimation from life video
Yu Mia
Emotion Estimation in life videos
Yuxiang Jiang
Electromagnetic field, Computer Vision,
Deep Learning
Yufan Zhou
Robotics, Sport Medicine, Computer Vision
Jianquan Wang
Robotics, Sport Medicine, Computer Vision
Xiaocong Ma
Drones, Intelligent Systems


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