The Internet is omnipresent and fully integrated in our daily lives, and we can access information, services and media by using natural and multimodal user interfaces in an unconscious manner. The Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) will support our daily activities in such a way that it will no longer matter if the given interactions are human to human, human to things or even things to things.

The research in the multimedia computing research laboratories has six pillars:

  • Data and Visual Analytics including Big Data and Digital City Pulse
  • Seamless Interactions including such as Touchable Avatars
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) to enhance Quality of Life (QoL)
  • E-Health
  • Security and Privacy and in particular behavioral biomertics
  • Cyber-Physical Systems in the IoT era including Vehicular Social Network for Smart Cities

Each MCRLab research project includes a number of graduate student researchers and often involves undergraduate researchers.

Living the future
ECG as biometrics
Wearable devices
Mobile Apps for Health
Roadmap to Haptics