Our Philosophy: Digital Twins

The future of managing cities depends on developing systems that can deal with the computational demands of expanding digitized data and related advanced software solutions. MCRLab research focusses on the development, testing and deployment of algorithms, methods, and tools to enable city personnel, citizens, and policy makers to interact with the ubiquitous computing infrastructure of future smart cities.

Smart Health & Well-Being

Design, implement and test algorithms and tools for healthcare purposes (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic) to enhance the well-being of citizens.

Artificial Intelligence driven Analytics

Adapt and expand knowledge extraction, data mining techniques and tools to fully exploit the content of soft/hard sensors and help fuse the generated data in immersive visual environments.

Mixed reality, Haptics & Seamless Interactions

Design and develop representations for effortless, anytime, anywhere human-machine interactions and communication (3D, AR, VR, Haptics, Serious Games, etc.).

Biomedical Eng. & Quality of Life

Develop an advanced, integrated and flexible biomedical Engineering systems and models to enhance citizen's Quality of Life in smart cities.

Biometrics, Cyber-Security and Privacy

Develop multisensory biometric authentication methods to enhance access control and reduce security breaches.

IoT, Wearables, and Cyber Physical Systems

Develop Cyber-physical Platforms to support the integration of various system components.

Latest News

Byelsaddik Mar 8, 2019

Rajwa Alharthi (PhD candidate) won the third price

Rajwa Alharthi (PhD candidate) won the third price at the Faculty of Engineering students' posters competition in the technology for digit

Byelsaddik Nov 3, 2018

Mixed Reality and Quality of Experience

: To the best of our knowledge, there are currently no well-recognized models for measuring the quality-of-experience (QoE) of a holographic mix

Byelsaddik Nov 2, 2018

Digital Twin @ Ottawa Artificial Intelligence Alliance

My vision of "Digital Twin: AI for Multimedia Computing" triggered interesting discussions during Ottawa Artificial Intelligence Alliance Worksho

Byelsaddik Oct 30, 2018

keynote speaker “Digital Twin: the Convergence of Multimedia Technology”

Honoured to be a keynote speaker today talking about "Digital Twin: the Convergence of Multimedia Technology" at the 4th IEEE Smart World Congres

Byelsaddik Oct 30, 2018

Mixed Reality meets Smart City

: We developed a HoloLens system that interactively demonstrates the 3D Toronto city data. This work was published on IEEE Consumer Electronics M

Byelsaddik Oct 28, 2018

Prof. El Saddik keynote titled “Digital Twin” @ http://www.bigmm2018.org/

Proud to present a keynote titled "Digital Twin" @ hashtag#conferences hashtag#keynote hashtag#multimedia hashtag#ieee http://www.bigmm2018.org/